Investment firms can sometimes sound alike, but several factors set Whitewood Group apart from the pack. Our principals have decades of extensive history across both public and private equity markets, serving both retail and institutional clientele. We have transacted in both an agent and principal capacity. In short, we are very comfortable getting involved with a transaction in any number of ways. In this era of market discontinuity, the ability to be creative and adapt can be a dramatic competitive advantage.

We have consulted to, advised, and invested in companies across the globe, ranging across both sector and market cap. Business continues to become increasingly global, and we believe that it can be difficult to assess foreign opportunities without the context of having transacted business abroad. Whitewood's principals have worked in several countries across three continents, bringing to bear an understanding and appreciation of international markets.

Whitewood has assisted generations of investors since the 1930's - in fact, we were founded shortly after the creation of the SEC itself. Our long history and industry experience point to a lasting ability to work with clients effectively. We take a long-term approach with clients, having experienced numerous market peaks and troughs, and believing that a cycle-spanning strategy can position one best for overall success. We support our methodologies by providing a vast range of investment products and services to clients, ensuring that we can customize a solution for each and every investor.

We can offer a distinctive relationship in which we commit our firm's experience, expertise and resources to you. Learn more about Whitewood and decide for yourself.